COVID-19 Prevention Concept

Current Covid 19 measures regarding your course are available upon booking or upon request.


We ask you to respect the current distance rule to other households.

Application and payment

Advance course registration or correspondence via e-mail or telephone avoids waiting times and larger crowds in the ski school office and enables an organized course schedule. Pre-payment is not necessary for e-mail or phone registration. This gives the guest the possibility to change the chosen course date or content because of changed Corona regulations in his home country (quarantine measures, travel regulations, etc.) even spontaneously (up to 24 h before the start of the course). Payment can be made during the first two days of course participation.


We take care to record necessary data of our guests (in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation) to ensure that any necessary contact tracing can be carried out.


Guests and staff are provided with disinfectant dispensers and are asked to use them regularly.

Group courses

When participating in a group course, attention is paid to a well manageable group course size (max. 8 guests) and the group composition is maintained as well as possible throughout the course period (adjustments due to differences in performance within the groups are possible). All possible changes in the group constitution will be administered accordingly in the ski school office and prepared for contact tracing.


Equipment used in daily snowsport lessons will only be used with gloves and will be disinfected regularly.


Before entering, hand disinfection is mandatory using the disinfection dispensers provided for this purpose. Door handles are disinfected regularly.

In indoor areas, FFP2 masks must be worn by both guests and staff.

The points of sale are covered with a plexiglass to protect guests and front-office staff from spreading the disease.

Drinks & Food

Snowsport instructors disinfect their hands when entering the restaurant and wear their FFP2 mask while serving drinks. They make sure that the children have a fixed seat while enjoying their drink. The ski school staff is aware of the restaurant's hygiene regulations and will comply with them and, if necessary, inform guests that they must comply with them. Guests are informed that they need a 2G certificate (vaccinated or recovered) to be allowed to enter the restaurant.


With the start of the employment relationship, all employees undertake to participate in training courses on implementation of the COVID 19 concept. The staff is informed about the "3G rule" at the workplace verbally and in written form (poster). Random inspections are carried out by the company.

Internal training and meetings are held via video conferencing or outdoors wherever possible. When meetings are indoors, care is taken to ensure regular ventilation, the wearing of an FFP2 mask and the usual distance regulations.


Our measures are based on the current Covid-19 measures regulation and the recommendations the Austrian Ski School Association.

Regulations when Covid 19 symptoms occur

If snowsports instructors, staff or guests exhibit corona-associated symptoms, they will not be allowed to go on duty or participate in the course. If there is a concern during a course that participants may have COVID-19, they will be immediately isolated from the other participants and the Health Hotline 1450 will be contacted to determine how to proceed.

Safe Service Tirol

The brand "SAFE SERVICE TIROL" stands for certified knowledge around distance regulations, hygiene & Co. We are part of the initiative and train to practice safe service quality in order to be able to offer our services responsibly.

Meeting point

Our wide meeting areas make it possible to avoid crowds. Nevertheless, we ask parents to leave the meeting point as soon as possible in order to guarantee an undisturbed and (distance-) safe course.

Final competition / prize-giving ceremony

Even in this winter we want to offer our young guests an eventful final program. You will receive more information about the current safety and hygiene measures regarding the final competition when you register for the course or at the latest when you start the course. Short-term changes are unfortunately possible due to the current Covid situation. We kindly ask for your understanding!

Our Goal

Our highest goal is to be able to experience the winter season together in a healthy way and with the most possible fun and learning success for all guests. Please help us by supporting and complying with our measures as well!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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