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No, mountain lift tickets must be purchased separately (leisure ticket valid).
Children under six years also need a ski ticket for the duration of the course. Ask for separate conditions for this in our office.

No, you must please have a look for ski equipment before class and show up with it. We work closely with the sports store "Die Börse", where you can rent your equipment. We will be happy to reserve the equipment you need for you! Just contact us!

Yes, everyone needs a ski pass to use the ski area facilities. It is best to ask the office staff for advice on the type of ski pass you need.

For the duration of the lessons the child needs its own ski pass. Ask us on for special conditions.

Note that skis have to be adjusted to the weight, height and sole length (so-called Z-number) of you / your child in any case before the lesson in a specialized shop. This is the only way to ensure that the security binding does its job!

Sure! The group lessons take place in English and German. If you speak another language, we recommend a private lesson and will try to find a teacher who understands and speaks your language. In this case, please book early!

Yes, you can cancel all our offers up to 24h before your lesson starts. In this case, please make sure that we really receive the cancellation 24 hours before your lesson should have started.

No, sorry, this is unfortunately not possible for organizational purposes. For winter sports athletes, the motto is: "There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes." Lesson cancellations from our site due to weather conditions or higher risk (e.g. ski area shutdown due to avalanche danger or storm) cannot be replaced.

All current measures can be found in our Corona prevention concept.

Children's courses

Skis (not too big, about up to the chest of the child) with safety bindings
Ski boots (close well and tightly, make sure to place the pants OVER the boots - DO NOT put them in the boots)
Gloves (waterproof)
Helmet with goggles (sunglasses or ski goggles)
Small snack, e.g. cereal bar into the kids´ jacket pocket
For the freestyle lesson: back protector

We also recommend:
Sun or cold protection
Prepare your child with a shirt, a sweater and a winter jacket for any temperature. Individual layers should be easy to put on and take off.
Ski socks, this avoids pressure points in the boot
Wear a ski mask or headband under the helmet

Our focus is on the skill level when dividing the groups, so that each child benefits from the lessons in the best possible way. If your children are at the same performance level, there is usually no problem in signing them up for the same group.

Of course! The teaching times are coordinated. Only on the last day of your 5-day group lesson the final competition of your child will overlap with your lessons. Tell your ski instructor about this to find a solution together!

Every day the kids get a different child-friendly meal and soft drink (or water, if they wish) every day. Afterwards, there is usually some time for a little rest or a short game before the afternoon lessons begin. The children are supervised by their ski instructors at every minute.

Yes. In this case, please pick up your child at the end of the morning class at the agreed meeting point and bring him / her back on time for the afternoon class. It is also possible to book lunchtime supervision on a daily basis.

However, we know from experience that children really enjoy spending the lunch break with their group and the ski instructors.

It is very important for us to know the children's individual needs so that we can respond to them individually. Please let us know before the lessons, then we will make sure to remember to go to the toilet especially often. And if something happens accidentally: We have backup clothing, which we will gladly borrow for the rest of the day!

Based on our longtime experience in teaching children we would like to inform you that most children of an age of 4 or more years make learning progress within small ski course groups.
From our point of view, any earlier attempt should happen under familial supervision.
A close person can much better understand a childs' day's condition or mood. Therefore that person may also find the best moment to start trying to ski, to take a break, to quit or to start over again after a break.

The power of endurance of children under 4 is mostly very limited which makes it quite difficult for us to work within a given time frame without overstraining the child. Please take into consideration that, compared to everydays clothing, ski clothing as well as ski equipment feel much heavier on your childs' legs. The unusual movements on top will lead to a much quicker physical exhaustion than what you may be used to from your child.
We would like to motivate you to do those first skiing attempts with your child. After a couple of times of practicing you'll soon notice whether your child is ready for an approximately 1 hour lesson. Please don't be disappointed if your child doesn't show much ambition at first - that usually changes once they grow older.
But if you do want to entrust us teaching a supermini course in a playful way, we will of course do our best to awaken the joy of skiing in your child! If you think your child is ready for skiing, we of course will be happy to give our best to awaken the joy of skiing in your child!

For this we offer our specially developed Supermini course.

We do not offer exclusive childcare. Instead, we recommend to gather first experiences in the snow with the little ones in a different way, e.g. with the toboggan or with a short walk in fresh snow.

Of course! Everyone can and should participate in our ski and snowboard lessons! No matter if an accident from last year, physical or mental impairments or possible allergies influences the teaching... Please make us aware – we will adapt the offer to your child!

Group courses

Our 5-day-group lesson program is designed for 5 days and ends for the children with a great final competition, which is why it makes sense to attend the class all 5 days.
Of course, it is also possible to book the class for single days. However, beginners can only start with the first day of the group lesson.

A first classification is already made by the level given during registration. On the first day we make a test drive to determine the exact level.

You will find the meeting point on your booking confirmation. Most of the time we meet directly at the meeting point on the slopes.
Please arrive on time. Plan for any bus delays from Innsbruck city center to the ski area.

In principle, our group courses take place from Monday to Friday. On weekends you are welcome to book private lessons. During Christmas vacation are special dates for the group lesson: December 27-31 and January 02-06.

You have further questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our ski school hotline or send us an e-mail. +43 660 21 44 660 zu kontaktieren oder uns eine E-Mail zu schreiben.

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