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Court of jurisdiction Innsbruck

Appendend to Tiroler Skilehrerverband, 6020 Innsbruck
Applicable legal basis: Tiroler Skischulgesetz
All rates on this website inlcuding VAT.

Bernhard Schlechter
MMag. Michael Bär
Regulating authority in charge is the magistrate of the city of Innsbruck.

Trade law classification
Bernhard Schlechter


Member of the
economic chamber of trade Tirol,
Division of Tourism and Leisure Industry-
Section Hotel Industry

Occupational title

agricultural industry,

Roßfallweg 30, 6020 Innsbruck

Status Provisions

Tyrolean minimum requirements act

MMag. Michael Bär

Chamber Member of the economic chamber of trade Tiro, Division of Tourism and Leisure Industry – Section travel agency as well as section Leisure and Sports Businesses -Division Transport and Traffic – Sections of Transports Business with Passenger Cars Occupational title Travel Agency Business located at: Leopoldstraße 4, 6020 Innsbruck; Organization of Events Business located at: Leopoldstraße 4, 6020 Innsbruck; Shuttle-Business located at: Innstraße 71, 6020 Innsbruck; 

Statutory Provisions Trade Law 1994, in particular § 94 Z 56 and § 126:

Regulation of Pursuance for Travel Agency Businesses:
Travel Agency Bylaw:
Travel Agency Security Bylaw:
Consumer Protection Act, in particular §§ 31b to 31f:
Rental Car Hire Industry – Occasional Service Applications - Law:
Job Access Authorization Bylaw – Regular Passenger Transportation Route- and Occasional Service Applications:
Internal Company Regulations for non-regular Passenger Transportation:
Tyrolean Passenger Transportation Regulation 2000:

Legitimated by Austrian authorities.

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