TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES - Team Spirit will get you the win!

Do your colleagues use all possible resources to be as successful as possible? Individual and innovative adventurous days add new energy to your daily routine and support the communication within your team and will increase the team spirit.
TAKING PART, having fun and finding new ways to solve new challenges, IS EVERYTHING!

Minibob ("Zipflbob") Cross

You’ll feel as if you’re right in the middle of one of the big Skier-cross or Snowboard-cross events. Competitive-Fun event feeling till you drop off the Zipflbob. No winter sport experience required!

Number of participants: 16 to 80 persons
Duration: Half day
Individual locations and prices after prior consultation! 

Fun Olympics / Snow-Fun-Games

Each one of you will have to give his/her best but it really isn’t up to one person but to the whole team – he/she who wants to be the new “Olympic Champion” will have to bring one thing in particular and that is: TEAM SPIRIT!

Possible Activities

Mini bob

Bow an arrow

Bungee Running

Beer crate climbing

Snow Golf

Quad riding trail

Tandem Skiing

Mountain bike Trail



Segway Parcours



Numbers of particitants: 16 to 120 persons (larger groups on request)
Duration: Half day or full day
Individual locations and prices after prior consultation! 

Ski race

Three, two, one, go – every hundredth of a second counts!
Team Spirit, in other words, have fun and enjoy – Giant Slalom or Slalom – World Cup regulations or custom regulations. Your wish is our command!

Number of participants: 25 bis 200 persons
Duration: Half day or full dayHalb- oder ganztägig (depending on how many practice runs)
Individual locations and prices after prior consultation!
Event location: Ski area Patscherkofel 

Ice stock shooting

Team Spirit, aiming accuracy, good balance and having lots of fun at a traditional winter sport – that’s all you need.
Don’t forget to bring your warm shoes and clothes!
Number of participants: 6 to 24 persons
Location and prices on demand!

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