Would you like to start your holiday before you have headed out the door and enjoy traveling with light luggage?
That is a very good idea and we are more than happy to help you out. Besides ‚normal’ hardware such as skis, snowboards, boots and poles, we and our partner also provide ski jackets, ski pants, helmets, goggles, gloves, snowshoes and sleds. All of which will help you avoid bringing heavy and inconvenient luggage.
Our services also include free pick up at your accommodation, drive to the rental store and return after adequate supply with the items you may need.

The pros of renting your gear with us:

  • High standard equipment (annually new and always perfectly tuned sports equipment)
  • Possibility to choose your gear the day before your first ski/snowboard outing
  • Avoidance of unnecessary waiting periods in the beginning of your ski/snowboard day when renting your gear at a skiing area
  • Change from one skiing area to another without complications
    (you take your gear anywhere, get used to it and there is no need to rent new and different equipment)


Here the current price list!