Supermini - Small group lessons for kids from 3 - 4 years of age | Nordkette - Seegrube

Dear parents!

Based on our longtime experience in teaching children we would like to inform you that most children of an age of 4 or more years make learning progress within small ski course groups.

From our point of view, any earlier attempt should happen under familial supervision.

A close person can much better understand a childs' day's condition or mood. Therefore that person may also find the best moment to start trying to ski, to take a break, to quit or to start over again after a break.

The power of endurance of children under 4 is mostly very limited which makes it quite difficult for us to work within a given time frame without overstraining the child. Please take into consideration that, compared to everydays clothing, ski clothing as well as ski equipment feel much heavier on your childs' legs. The unusual movements on top will lead to a much quicker physical exhaustion than what you may be used to from your child.

We would like to motivate you to do those first skiing attempts with your child. After a couple of times of practicing you'll soon notice whether your child is ready for an approximately 1 hour lesson. Please don't be disappointed if your child doesn't show much ambition at first - that usually changes once they grow older.

If you think your child is ready for a Supermini-Course, we of course will be happy to give our best to awaken the joy of skiing in your child!

In a nutshell

  • For beginners from 3 - 4 years of age
  • On request daily available from 1:00/1:30 pm (except Austrian's school holidays)
  • 1.5 hours of instruction per day
  • Playful approach to gain safe skiing skills
  • Exercises according to age
  • Ideal terrain and infrastructure for beginners at the exercise area by Station Seegrube of Nordkettenbahn

Rates for Supermini-Courses

 Duration for 1 child approx. 1 hour 48,00 €

Duration for 2 or more children

1 to 1.5 hours 48,00 € per child
  • Duration of the course includes a short break - no refund for shorter time of lesson
  • Payment of the course cost can be done in our office by Station Seegrube of Nordkettenbahn

Meeting point

  • Skischool office by Station Seegrube of Nordkettenbahn at 1:00/1:30 pm

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