Group lessons for kids and teens | full day | Alpine Skiing | Nordkette - Seegrube

In a nutshell

  • For intermediates and advanced skiers from 6 years of age resp. level 2 (see below)
  • 4 hours of instruction per day
  • Playful approach to gain safe skiing skills
  • Exercises according to skill level
  • Ideal terrain and infrastructure for beginners at the flat area by restaurant Seegrube
  • (Warm) drinks for a short break will be arranged at restaurant Seegrube
  • Please provide granola bars or similar for your child - no backpacks please!
  • Lunch supervision as well as lunch at restaurant Seegrube included
  • "Final contest" on the last day of the course with medal and certificates for all kids
  • Free lift tickets for Nordkettenbahnen for 2 chaperons per child on the last day of the course

Rates for full day group lessons - per child


260,00 €

(including lunch and lunch time supervision)

Siblings 244,00 €
  • Payment of the course cost can be done on the first day of the course at the chosen meeting point - cash only!

Rates for 5 day lift tickets for course participants

Kids 1

Born 2015 or younger

 30,00 €

Kids 2

Born 2005 - 2014

80,00 €


Born 2002 - 2004

105,00 €
  • Additional 2,00 € deposit per lift ticket
  • Payment of the lift cost can be done on the first day of the course at the chosen meeting point - cash only!

Rental of equipment "Die Boerse", Leopoldstraße 4

Skis, boots, poles and helmet

from 65,00 €

Meeting points

  • Hungerburgbahn / Station Löwenhaus

- On the first day of the course 8:30 am
- 2nd to last day 9:00 am - Return at 15:25 pm

  • Hungerburg / Bottom station Nordkettenbahn inside the building by the big round table

- On the first day of the course 9:15 Uhr
- 2nd to last day 9:25 am - Return at 15:10 pm

Course dates

Mid term holidays

February 08th to 12th 2021

  • Further dates available on request only

Definition of levels

  • 1: I have absolutely no skiing experience.
  • 1+: I have skied before and am learing how to snow plow.
  • 2: I'm able to snow plow and to stop. On easy terrain I can already do some turns.
  • 3: I'm a regular skier and manage "blue" as well as some "red" slopes in a snow plow position.
  • 4: I'm almost a "ski racer"! I manage steep slopes and am working on keeping my skies in a parallel position.
  • 5: I keep my skies almost always in a parallel position, I enjoy skiing steep slopes and/or like to do tricks on the slope or in the park.

In order to sign up for the group course please state the following information:

  • Desired course
  • Desired course date
  • First and family name of the participant
  • Age
  • Level according to definition (see above)
  • Lift tickets needed - yes/no
  • Desired meeting point - Löwenhaus/Hungerburg
  • Emergency phone number (we won't forward your phone number to third persons and will only use it if necessary)


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